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Taking Care and Maintaining Your Trailer

Like all vehicles, trailers have moving components that can experience some wear and tear. Without proper care and maintenance, your trailer can become damaged and even cause damage to your car as well. If you perform regular maintenance on your trailer, it will last longer, perform better, and not require as many repairs. Regular maintenance doesn’t have to perfect but it can help in the long run. Here are some tips that can help:

Wash and clean the trailer often

Accumulated dirt and grime can cause a lot of damage to the trailer and shorten its lifespan. The best way to avoid the problem is to clean the trailer regularly and thoroughly. This doesn’t require any special cleaning tools and techniques. Just use a mild detergent, a brush, and a cleaning rag. This should help clean the trailer and remove all debris that might cause damage to it. Some experts recommend cleaning the trailer after every use, especially if you’ve driven it over a long distance.

Check the tires

The trailer tires can become worn and damaged easily because they have to bear a considerable amount of friction and load. It’s important to check the tires regularly and replace them if needed. Check the tread of the tires and make sure they’re filled with appropriate amounts of air before every journey. This will help you avoid accidents or unexpected breakdowns.

Check the lights on the trailer

Lights are an important component of the trailer and they help avoid accidents. These lights are visible from a great distance and let oncoming vehicles know there’s something in their path. If the lights on the trailer malfunction, the other vehicles on the road won’t know there’s a trailer. They won’t display any warnings when driving in reverse and that can lead to a collision. Check the lights before every drive to ensure they aren’t malfunctioning and replace damaged lights before you use the trailer.

Check the brakes

The trailer and car brakes need to work well for the drive to be safe. If the brakes don’t work well, you won’t be able to come to a stop and that will lead to problems controlling the vehicle. Make sure the brakes are in good condition and work well before you drive. It’s a good idea to get them examined by a professional regularly to ensure the brakes are in a state of good repair. If you use your trailer often, get the brakes professionally assessed every six months at a minimum.

Check the fasteners

No matter how securely you fasten them, the constant movement and road conditions will cause the fasteners to become loose. That can lead to accidents and cause extensive damage to the vehicles. The best way to avoid an accident is to ensure everything is securely fastened and held in place before each drive. It’s a good idea to conduct these checks during breaks if you’re on a long distance journey just to be safe.

These steps along with regular inspection and maintenance from a professional will help ensure the trailer is always in a good condition. Take your trailer for a professional maintenance run at least once a year. The mechanic will examine all the important components and make the repairs needed to ensure it continues to work well. This will also help extend the trailer’s life and reduce the cost of ownership.

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