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What Kind of Trailer Should you Purchase?

Trailers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, and they serve different purposes as well. It’s important to determine what kind of trailer you need before you commit to a purchase as they can be quite an investment. The type of trailer depends on the type of cargo you want to haul across a distance. Here’s is an introduction to the different types of trailers available in the market and how they work:

1. Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are regular flatbed trailers with raised sides to keep the cargo secure. They’re not enclosed trailers so they don’t provide much weather protection. These vehicles are ideal for cargo that can bear outdoor weather and doesn’t require much protection. It’s also good for oddly shaped cargo that might collide with the walls of an enclosed trailer.

2. ATV Trailer

ATV trailers are designed to be attached to the ATV instead of regular trucks or vehicles. They’re smaller in size and lighter in weight but can carry a significant amount of load. These trailers are often used in farms and warehouses to transport goods over a short distance. You don’t need to go through the effort to transport heavy loads to different areas of your property. ATV trailers are also flatbeds and usually have raised sides. It’s rare to find an enclosed ATV trailer but they can be custom made if needed.

3. Cargo Trailer

cargo trailer is a large, enclosed trailer designed to transport cargo that includes smaller items like food grains, vegetable sacks, etc. These trailers are enclosed so the cargo stored within in protected from the outdoor environment. The trailer can be used for transporting perishable and more vulnerable good that need protection from snow, rain, sunlight, and other such elements.

4. Snowmobile Trailer

The snowmobile trailer is designed to house and transport snowmobiles. They can be flatbeds with raised sides and a ramp or enclosed to protect the snowmobiles from the outdoor environment. While snowmobiles are designed to withstand snow, ice, moisture, and cold, they’ll last longer and will be in a better condition if they’re transported in enclosed trailers.

5. Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle trailers are designed to be attached to motorcycle trailers are flatbeds and have raised sides though enclosed motorcycle trailers are also available. Motorcycle trailers can also refer to trailers designed to house motorcycles in them for transport. These trailers are large, often enclosed, and can be attached to the back of the truck.

6. Car Hauler

A car hauler is a specialized trailer designed to haul cars and other vehicles. These trailers come in different sizes with some designed to haul multiple cars while others designed to haul a single vehicle. They can be flatbeds, double-deckers, or enclosed based on the requirements of the hauler. These trailers are large and heavy so they’re meant to be attached to powerful trucks and similar vehicles.

7. Tilt Deck Trailers

Tilt deck trailers usually have a flatbed with no sides and a sharp flat edge. The bed tilts at a certain angle until the edge becomes flush against the ground, which allows you to load items easily. These tilt deck trailers are often used to transport vehicles, ATVs, forklifts, etc. They’re available in different sizes and provide different angles of tilt.

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